Thursday, 12 January 2017

Talos Wip stage 1

Hey folks. So this is my first Wip post, as promised, to hopefully take you through as I work through this mini. It is one of the 3 talos I converted awhile ago that has sat in a case waiting for me to regain some painting motivation.

As you can see it is still in its early stages. I have basically blocked in the parts that I already know what colour they were going to be, such as the Metallics and base red, which is consistent throughout La Danse Macabre. The skin has had its base of Dheneb stone and a thinned purple wash and is ready for the highlighting now, although this stage will wait until all the colours are chosen.

I have to make some decisions now about what colours I want to have on the miniature. There are two big areas that need colour, the ragged cloth around his waist and large shoulder pad (balloons will be done last). This makes the mini a little hard to balance out, so I will have to be careful about what colours and patters I use at this stage. Once I do choose the colours I can then block them in and start on the highlighting stage (which is the fun part. It looks terrible until this stage).

Wish me luck :)


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