Thursday, 11 February 2016

"Krueger Pattern" Mark IV Heresy armour

Hi readers,

If you've read Nafs January round up, you'll have seen he's starting a Horus Heresy project. And of course being the weak willed fool i am I've been sucked into it too (it would be rude not too right?).

So given forgeworlds pricing structure, i've decided not to get TOO carried away. And so you may find any contributions I post to be heavy on conversions and light on Wow factor resin.

I decided to do the XIIIth legion "Nightlords" as I really like the scheme. Here's my test model for the "Gargoyles" unit of Night Raptors. The mini is a conversion of the spacemarine assault unit using a rotor stamp I created using an instamould product. Im calling this armour mark "Krueger Pattern" Im still waiting for shoulder pads I've ordered which should finish off this mini.

Enjoy the pics


  1. Great conversion. I love the backpack.

  2. Really cool conversion. I have started cutting up some tac legs for a few heresy conversions too, as I plan on doing it as cheap as poss too :)

    1. Yeah its not a cheap hobby, but that means MOAR Conversions ! :)

    2. Wait he used tac marine legs for those? Great work.
      Loving the jump pack as well.

    3. Thanks mate. They are converted assault marine legs.