Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hobby Progress: Kings of War - Earth Elementals

In preparation for the Kings of War second edition release this summer I've been working on my dwarf army, in particular a regiment of Earth Elementals that Dwarves can now take.

I've used the obsidian golem models for these, I've just green stuffed the furnaces in the torsos and given them a more earthy look by stippling browns and greens into the rocky texture of the model.

The models were painted to be very similar in colour to the rocky base, to make it look like they are constructed from the stone on the base. The only exception being the sandstone areas on the shoulders etc, this was purely to break up the overall look of the model.

I have another regiment of these still to go, but next up is my steel behemoth, that I should hopefully have finished in the next few days.


  1. Awesome models! Great rocky texture and look. Good use of contrasting rocky armor bits. Still rocky, just different types! Love the OSL from the eyes too!

    1. They are great models, I think some of Mantic's stuff is greatly under appreciated, and Kings of War is really good game with 2nd edition shaping up to be even better. For the second unit of earth elementals I'm trying to decide how to differentiate them from this unit before start building and painting them.