Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Keisotsu link team

Alrighty folks! I finally summoned up the courage to finish my link team for my Japanese sectorial army.

They are the core of my force and I had the HMG model sitting unfinished on my desk for ages, so after giving myself a few new years resolutions, which included getting my JSA force completed, I got cracking and finally finished him.

The scale on these were quite a challenge, as I was so used to painting heroic scale minis such as 40k ect, but I really enjoyed them after the first initial freakout. The models themselves are a little dated, and can be an absolute nightmare to put together if they are multi part. Luckily most of this team were single pose models (apart from the HMG) so they were relatively painless overall to assemble.

I had a bit of a problem choosing the colour scheme, as I did not want to go the traditional studio route of black and red. I also decided to push my painting skills a little bit with this project, and as these miniatures are very detailed, I wanted to paint each of them individually. Eventually I went with a orange and white colour scheme, with turqoise accents, as they all complemented each other really well. The white was the real challenge for me to paint, as previous to this I had not been able to paint it to a decent standard. Luckily I stumbled on a good method on the net, and it is now a real joy to do (if only I could do the same with black and yellow :D). Anyways pics of the models below :)


NafNaf out!




  1. Like the Line-of-fire addition to the base. Is that custom or available for purchase somewhere?

    1. They are etched brass compass bars from Antenociti's workshop (mine have been painted). The only problem is you have to use them with their round lip bases, as the normal plastic ones have a slight slant that prevents the strip from attaching properly. Fortunately their bases are really cool (my team are based on their hex base range)