Sunday, 12 October 2014

Wolf Priest Dreadnought & Other Hobby Progress...

My hobby progress has been pretty slow of late, thanks to a new job and the lure of playing Destiny... But in the last week or two I've completed a couple of models and started with earnest on few more for my Blog Wars 8 list in preparation for November.

The first of the finished models was a Space Wolves dreadnought, I liked the wolf skull head and thought wouldn't it be great to have a wolf priest in a dreadnought. So I chose the shield and axe combo as they seemed fitting for a wolf priest. I like the combination of black and blue/grey so really upped the amount of black on the model.

The second model finished was an inquisitor for my burgeoning inquisition force. Painting this really reminded how lucky we are to have such good plastic models, as this made me really dislike metal models. Here's a pic take a look...

The next on my inquisition list to do is a contemptor dreadnought 'counts as Inquisitor Karamazov' and a Valkyrie, as soon as i have some progress i'll get the pictures posted.

My prep for Blog wars 8 is well underway and i've started painting a unit void claws and my second stormwolf transport, again i'll be sure to post the pics when i get a bit further along the process. At the moment they've been airbrushed and washed ready for layering.


  1. Really lovely painted models. Great jobs on the runs...they are very vibrant on the shield and axe! Like the inquisitors sword as well...I imagine his cloak is about to catch on fire :)

    1. Cheers Greg, I use turquoise coloured gems and trinkets throughout the entire army to help tie it all together. But this is the first time I've done it with runes, I just felt after using more black the model needed brightening up a bit. I use the sword on the inquisitor as a daemonblade so wanted it to stand out.