Thursday, 25 September 2014

Murderfang Conversion Painted

Alrighty folks. I have a competed murderfang for your perusal. The arm finally arrived so I was able to start my paint job on this badboy.
I followed the standard paint scheme for my army, but with a few added highlights, just to make him stand out a little. The face especially I like as it adds a nice focus point for the model (and no self respecting space wolf army is complete without a redhead!). The claws were a bit of a challenge as I wanted them to look like icy shards. I think it works. I am dead pleased with the paint job overall, and my average sculpting attempt at fur is not too visible.
This paintjob was not trouble free though as I had a problem with the darn varnish again! This time it was my paint on vallejo gloss varnish. It bubbled and pooled in a couple of recesses and dried a horrible white. I had to carve out the varnish with my knife and repaint the damaged bits. Sheesh I am not having much luck with my varnishing at the moment. Luckily my testors dullcoat arrived yesterday so the matt coat went well :). Anyway let me know what you think of my take on murderface :)
Work has started on my next conversion. Yet another contemptor dread kitbash! This time it will be using the shield and axe options. Gonna look awesome :)
Nafnaf out!


  1. Looks great Nafnaf. I'm not the biggest fan of the wolf head (not your paint job, but just the head itself), but I love the conversion you've done to the model. Great details on this guy. Really lovely model and work. You've actually made it all work wonderfully well (even with the head I don't like!)

    Have you thought about using some water effects on the claws to give them an icy sheen? Oh wait it's never supposed to melt...!

    Looking forward to the board and axe version!!!!

  2. Thanks Greg :). I was not sure whether to gloss varnish the claws for the icy effect, so now you mention it I think I will now. The kitbash was fairly pain free, which I am grateful for, and all works together pretty seamlessly. I much prefer it to the original, as I am not much of a fan of the blocky dreadnought look.

    1. Me neither. The solid, non posable legs drive me nuts on the standard dreads. When you compare the SM dreads to ork is so depressing. The ork ones are so much bigger and cooler!

      Your solution is both elegant and awesome (if not slightly expensive :) ).